Zoho People Plus

Zoho People Plus is a one-stop solution for all your HR needs. From managing an entire employee lifecycle on a single platform to carrying out the Core HR Operations digitally and efficiently, the platform helps with the entire people process. A well-integrated system such as Zoho People Plus could boost the progress of your organization by streamlining the HR processes and managing the people of your organization.

Focal Points

Digitalize employee life cycle at every touch point.
No paper on the table. Tough but true!
Power of 8 tools delivered in One.
Integrated and Unified platform for seamless exprience
Process and communication automation with power of DIY customization.

Implementation Road Map

Traditional HR Touchpoints
Digital HR Touchpoints

Organization Brand building & Retention

Employees are your first brand ambassadors. Giving them a truly digital experience speaks about organization seriousness towards quality and performance.

Everything on one platform

HR-Ops are highly complicated, we admire what you do. With power of 8 tools from a single vendor makes it easy for you to execute and monitor.

Scalability, easy maintenance, free updates.

  • Any new feature or module is not charged.
  • You can easily manage the system without any AMC.
  • You can create additional modules as an when you need.

Possibilities with Zoho People Plus

Zoho Recruit
Job Posting
  • Create a new job opening.
  • Configure approvals.
  • Post on job boards & social media.     
  • Import resume database.
  • Collect Resumes from various sources.
  • Resume parsing from outlook and various job boards.
  • Candidates can apply from a career sites, Linkedin, etc.
  • Automatic email when resume selected or rejected.
  • Standardize Interview questions for fair selection.
  • Pre-screening assessment for better resume collection.
  • Create HR level assessment
  • Schedule an interview and collect feedback from the hiring manager, Department head, HR head, etc
  • Schedule an online recorded interview.
  • Send alerts/reminders to candidates & the interviewer.
  • Send automatic email to background check vendor
    with candidate details.
  • Integration is available with Checker.
  • API integration option also available.
  • Integration with Hireselect available.
  • API Integration option with other vendors available
  • AI-driven candidate search.
  • Dedicated Candidate Portal.
  • Dedicated Vendor Portal.
  • Social Media integration.
  • Customized Hiring Pipeline.
  • Ready-made career site.
  • Employee Referral.
  • Offer letter with E-signature.
  • Digital acceptance & expiry of the offer letter.
  • Convert into employee option.
  • Auto task allocation option.
  • Analytics for advance reporting.
  • Activity tracker for productivity
Zoho People
  • Dedicate candidate onboarding portal.
  • Digital Offer letter acceptance.
  • Candidate details & document collection.
  • Digital acceptance of agreement and policies.
  • Welcome video and Introduction to team members.
  • Allocation of KRA.
  • HR Team member tagging and task allocation.
  • Biometric, web, and mobile check-in.
  • Late coming policies/grace period policies.
  • Employee-specific leave policy.
  • Unlimited leave type configuration.
  • Sandwich and clubbing restriction.
  • Probation and notice period leave policy.
  • Regularization option.
  • Compensatory off option as per policy.
  • Hourly based leave available.
  • Bradford scoring for leave v/s productivity.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly timesheet entry option.
  • Option for billable and nonbillable entries.
  • 3 levels hierarchy – Project, jobs, workitem.
  • Invoice generation option
  • Customised Appraisal Cycles.
  • Multi-rater & 360 Degree Feedback.
  • Performance v/s Potential – 9 box grid.
  • Course Catalogues & Reports.
  • Blended/Classroom/Online Courses.
  • Online/Offline Assessments.
  • Course Catalogues & Reports.
  • Individual Programs and Learning Plan Curriculums.
  • Rewards & Recognition
  • Digital resignation acceptance and clearance process.
  • Auto issuance of relieving & experience letter.
  • Manage multiple legal entities.
  • Dedicated onboarding portal.
  • Widgets based dashboard.
  • Announcements and feeds.
  • IP & Geo restrictions.
  • Multiple shifts with auto rotation.
  • Present by default option.
  • Employee document management.
  • Delegation feature.
  • Task allocation and management.
  • Travel requests & approvals.
  • Asset management.
  • Employee query management.
  • PIP.
  • Customize approvals and alerts.
  • Assign module level admin.
  • Report Scheduling.
Zoho Cliq
Team Collaboration
  • Multi-Chat Window.
  • One-one Calls and Screen Sharing.
  • Multiple Channels.
  • Group Calls.
  • Reminders & Calendar Syncing
  • Communicate in real-time.
  • Teamwork in channels.
  • Meet your team on group audio or video calls.
  • Broadcast company-wide announcements.
  • Sync your calendar events.
  • Follow up on tasks with reminders.
  • Build custom bot assistants.
  • Automate your workflows.
  • Take action on messages
  • Build your own bots.
  • Use AI Bots to orchestrate events.
  • Send meeting invites.
  • Intelligent Conversational Bots.
  • Clear work agenda .
  • Bot notifications.
  • Reminders for your unseen messages.
  • Starred messages.
  • Starred messages archive
  • Share your screen during Video Calls.
  • Team meetings, anytime, anywhere.
  • Team chat and call in a single window
  • Remote work – check-in/out
  • Remote work – live feed.
  • Real-time work status.
  • Invite external contacts to groups/chat.
  • User availability report
  • Custom domain.
  • Integration with 3rd party apps.
Zoho Connect
Social Intranet
  • Central knowledge base for BU/teams.
  • Create groups based on
  • locations/departments.
  • Enjoy the group feeds facility.
  • Collaborate with Forum Posts.
Business Communication
  • Common Messages through Groups, Feeds
    and Forums.
  • Mention @group for specific communication
  • Run Polls and surveys to gather information.
  • Files and Manuals for quick sharing.
  • RSS Feed integration for industry news.
  • Create Events and Meet-ups for employees.
Culture and Engagement
  • The announcement by CEOs on Internal Company Walls.
  • Share Messages from Top Management Company News
  • Create groups based upon common interests like
    sports, business, etc.
  • Broad topic forums to drive open culture and
  • Recognition Centre for appreciation for employees and management.
  • Open-ended discussion with remote employees.
  • Let employees share their insights and interesting
Zoho Expense
Automate Expense Online
  • Multi-Chat Window.
  • One-one Calls and Screen Sharing.
  • Multiple Channels.
  • Group Calls.
  • Reminders & Calendar Syncing
  • Clear work agenda.
  • Bot notifications.
  • Reminders for your unseen messages.
  • Starred messages.
  • Starred messages archive
  • Share your screen during Video Calls. .
  • Team meetings, anytime, anywhere.
  • Team chat and call in a single window.
  • Build your own bots.
  • Use AI Bots to orchestrate events.
  • Send meeting invites.
  • Intelligent Conversational Bots.
  • Corporate card management.
  • Fraud management.
  • Branch management for expense.
  • Integrations with vendors
Zoho Payroll
Customized Salary Structure
  • Customized earnings and deductions.
  • Additional pre and post-tax deductions.
  • Configurable CTC reimbursements.
  • Customized salary templates.
  • Customize employee payslip template.
  • Customized pay schedule.
  • Configurable roles.
  • Multiple work locations.
  • Organization announcements.
  • Timely notifications and reminders.
  • Customizable one time earnings and deductions
  • Self-investment declaration.
  • Salary structure, payslips and annual earnings.
  • Tax summary and Form 16.
  • EPF,ESI, EPS management.
  • Auto gratuity calculation.
  • State-wise LWF and PT calculation.
  • Auto TDS calculation and deduction.
  • Statutory compliances report.
  • Income tax report.
  • Audit trail report.
  • Payroll compliance and journal report.

Game Changer


Two types of certification (L1&L2) will be provided by Interloop Consulting subject to assessment of the individual .Certified individuals will be well equipped to handle the system and do basic level configuration


Every module under Zoho People plus has inbuit analytics and report customization. Also you can opt for Zoho Analytics as an add on for running high level data analytics.

Project Timeline

The project timeline for Zoho People Plus is broken down into various stages. The stages being:

Policy and Process Knowledge Transfer, Data Collection and Check
Module configuration as per organizational policy, automation & workflow, dry testing of the portal
Customization and Analytics of the HR services incorporated on the platform
Integration of all the tools and strategic development
4-6 session of user training, user testing, feedback incorporation
Data upload, data reconciliation, data check by client, data correction
2-3 sessions of admin training, client handover, go-live

Zoho People Plus

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