Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense App efficiently automates your business expense management. With its automated workflows and custom-made approach, it is suited for all types of businesses worldwide. It is one of the best expenses manager applications. You can automate report creation, approval processes and expense reimbursements.


Feature - 01

Quick View Dashboard

Dashboard for quick view: As a manager or as an employee, your dashboard gives you a snapshot of all of your expenses, reports and reimbursements in a single place.

Feature - 02

Receipts and Expenses

Save your time by automating your receipt and expense management.

  1. Auto scanning – You can auto scan, store and track your receipts.
  2. Mileage Expense Tracking – You can use three different ways to create mileage related expenses namely GPS tracking, Odometer readings and simply putting the distance covered. GPS Accuracy is to the point so that you get the correct expense values in place.
  3. Expense Management – You can create and track multiple types of expenses. Be it per diem, multi-currency or billable/non-billable expenses, you can easily manage them. Zoho Expense offers you robust features to upload any business charge you encounter, saving you time, money, and stress. You will never have another expense to go unaccounted for.
Feature - 03

Fraud Detection

With AI-driven Zoho expense app, you can check fraudulent and/or duplicate expenses. You do not have to review every transaction manually.

Feature - 04


Connect your cards with Zoho expenses for easy expense tracking.

  1. Direct Feed Integration for corporate cards
  2. Corporate Card Reconciliation by fetching the expenses from card statements
Feature - 05

Trips & Expense reports

You can plan, create, and approve trips. Based on approved trips, creating and submitting detailed expense reports is easy with Zoho Expense.  You can have the advance taken for such trips approved.

  1. Create itineraries, share offline
  2. Automate Expense Report Creation & Submission for an efficient process

Expense report can be tagged to the trip, making it easy to tag expenses and advances for the creator and approver.

Feature - 06


You can set up a hierarchy or user base approval process in the organisation. In case approving authorities are not available, you can use the delegation feature. Custom based non-linear approvals allow you to have complete visibility on the expenses and purchases within your organisation.

Feature - 07

Purchase requests

Create an efficient multi approval purchase process within the organisation. You can avoid duplicate or unnecessary purchases with this feature. Employees can be stopped when they are close to the budgets allocated. Criteria based on custom approvals also control cash flow and budgets.

Feature - 08

Expense Control

You can control expenses in multiple ways. You will never lose touch over the ongoing trends in expenses. You can set up policies, expense rules and budgets so that nothing ever goes out of control.

Feature - 09


Processing reimbursements is efficient with this expense tracker app. With the email notifications to the submitter and approver, no one will ever be in the dark with regards to the status. You can integrate your payroll or financial ERP for quick payments to employees. Our Indian Clients, having ICICI Bank Accounts, can pay directly to the employees.

Feature - 10

Policy Violations

The app will give an immediate alert to the submitter and approver in case of any policy violations. This will also give you a detailed report on habitual offenders.

Feature - 11

Audit and Reports

With fraud detection, policy violation reports and custom approvals, Zoho Expense app will always keep you audit-ready at the end of the year. There are audit logs for all activities. You can also check when a report is created, modified or deleted.

Feature - 12


With its well-defined automation, you don’t have to carry trivial manual tasks for expense management. You can create a customised work flow that will be triggered whenever set conditions are met. All the work flows are supported by Email alerts, in-app notifications and custom functions. 

Feature - 13


Customization allows you to create additional fields and/or layouts for a different set of employees. You can choose what they see and create/submit expense reports.


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Interloop helps its clients through the entire engagement – from Demo/trials to full-scale implementation of the product. Even after implementation, we are with our client to ensure that their needs are met on time. 

Suited to different types of organizations, Zoho Expense offers different plans:

A.Standard- INR 99/user/month

B.Premium – INR 199/user/month

C.Enterprise – INR 299/user/month

Yes, You can signup for 30 days trial and enjoy all of Zoho Expense's features without even supplying your credit card information.

Active users are the ones that would be using Zoho Expense to create expenses via auto scan or create an expense report. You can purchase licenses for these users upfront while subscribing to Zoho Expense. For example, if your organization has 50 people of which only 10 create and submit expense reports, you can get 10 active user licenses.

You can avail of either Monthly or Annual Billing plans. Please connect with our team to know more about payment methods.

Additional users are billed on prorated charges based on your renewal date. Please raise a request to sales@interloopconsulting.com for the same.

There is no binding contract. Zoho Expense being a Pay-as-you-go- service, you can start and stop your subscription at any point in time.  

Please connect with us on 9555050985 or drop an email at sales@interloopconsulting.com