Remote Working and Collaboration

Zoho People has an inbuilt “Cliq” – Chat facility that helps your team collaborate in real-time. Your team can do one-to-one audio, video calls and even share their screens.

As an admin, you can create multiple channels for easier communications and group announcements. Your team members are just a “Cliq” away from their team.

Feature -01

Plan your day

All your day’s engagement gets listed on the “Cliq” Dashboard. You will never miss your meetings or an event with timely reminders.

Feature - 02

Quick Chat

Chat with your colleagues using an Inbuilt chat facility. You can also use Bots for advanced automation.

Feature -03

Smooth Remote Working

Working from home or remote work is effortless with Zoho People. Your team members can make One-to-One Audio/ Video calls. They can share screens or files.

Feature - 04

Create Channels for quick information sharing

You can create multiple channels or groups to share information. When the team is working on a project, communication

is everything.

Feature -05

Status Updates

Update your status to have a balanced working schedule. Let your colleagues know about your availability, breaks and schedules.

Feature - 06

Group Video Calls

You can launch team calls or project calls at the click of a button for fast working.