Dashboard & Self Service

Widget based Dashboard in Zoho People presents you with all the information on a single page. You can view the Attendance Summary, Entry/Exit reports, Goals and Tasks and much more.

The Self-Service widget allows your employees to access their complete records in one place. Also, they can apply for leaves, mark their attendance or delegate their work from Self-Service in Zoho People.

Feature -01

See-it-all Dashboard

You can view your approval requests, allocated tasks, birthday notifications– mostly anything. These attractive and relevant widgets provide insights for managers and daily reports for Admins.

Feature - 02

Quick Check-ins

Your employees can mark their attendance using web check-in from their dashboards.

Feature -03

Important Announcements

Home Page also allows you to make announcements with the configurable sharing options. You can create feeds from your Dashboard.

Feature - 04

KPI & Pending task visibility

Your approved goals, pending tasks and assigned jobs will appear on your Zoho people dashboard.

Feature -05

Employee self-service

Self-Service Module allows for easy data management and quick modular access.


Can employees customize their home page widgets?

  1. What information is visible to employees on the dashboard?

Do employees receive dashboard notification about birthdays and work anniversary?

Can employees access all Zoho Services from the Self Service Page?

Is the Self-service page customizable?